When you’re solving an issue, you want a team that becomes an integral part of your organization, uses a proven approach and creates a targeted, robust plan that delivers real, lasting results.

To best serve our clients, each engagement involves one or more of the following:


You are looking for sustainable, long term solutions that solve your most pressing manufacturing or supply chain problems 

At PeakPoint Advisors, we use a structured approach that provides practical hands on guidance to achieve agreed-upon goals. We focus on 

  • improving your processes
  • upskilling your people
  • using technology to deliver innovative results
  • data to produce actionable insights

As a result our clients streamline and improve their operations to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Change Management 

Continuous change is crucial in today’s business environment. Organizations are often running new initiatives simultaneously.  

Once we find a solution for your manufacturing or supply chain challenges and start to implement it, it becomes crucial that your employees understand it, embrace it and utilize it.

Empowered employees who are given the right tools ensure long lasting change.  We provide everything you need to manage the “people” side of change and ensure that your organization achieves specifically defined business outcomes. Typically, our solutions can be one or all the following: 

  • Organizational Readiness Assessment
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Project Based Change Management
  • Change Management Training

Training and Coaching

Your people are the core of your organization’s systems and processes.

Today’s most successful companies require that employees are innovative and adaptable in order to succeed in an ever-changing and global environment.  Employees are required to think, feel, or act differently in pursuit of their organizational business goals. We believe that high performing individuals build high performing teams who in turn build higher performing organizations. We enhance results by offering training and coaching for your software or process implementation as well as customized training and coaching support.

We support your system implementation or change initiative by designing the training material, executing the training sessions, and collecting feedback.

We offer an array of coaching,  training, online learning and workshop options to maximize results.

All of our services are delivered utilizing the Peak Point Process and each solution is customized to your specific situation and needs. 

Our strategic 4-part Peak Point Process ensures our customers success.  Each step of the process can stand alone, and we can customize or modify our approach to meet our customers objectives.

Discovery and Problem Analysis

Discovery begins with a high-level business discussion with senior management and key stakeholders within the organization. We conduct a deep dive in your organization to fully understand the problem, summarize the findings and recommend a solution.

Design Your Detailed Success Plan

During the design phase we evaluate viable options, solutions and technology to solve our customers’ problems.  Then we prioritize these solutions based on resources and our client’s strategic initiatives so we can deliver your PeakMap ™ that provides you with a detailed plan and timetable for your long-term success. 

Deployment and Implementation

We manage the piloting of the solutions that are being implemented, allowing us to test and tweak before a full roll-out. Additionally, Peak Point can manage the entire deployment process which includes oversight, coaching and support long term deployment success with customized training and change management activities that ensures ready-for-steady-state operations.

Develop and Optimize

The development and optimization phase is where we review the solutions after a few months of operations.  By evaluating our client’s operations we can tweak results to ensure that strategic objectives are being met. During this phase we are often asked to augment the customers operating model by providing managed technology services.